At the Duke of Gordon Hotel we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and consider them a cornerstone for our business. We are extremely focused on mitigating the effect we have on the planet through a number of strategies and are continually trying to reduce our impact by controlling CO2 emissions, reducing the usage of single use plastics and recycling wherever possible.

In 2012 we were the first hotel in the UK to be heated entirely by wood chip, which is carbon neutral and is all locally sourced from within the Cairngorm National Park. We also considered generating electricity on-site to power the hotel with advanced gasification combined heat and power technology.

Unfortunately the technology was not sufficiently mature at that time and the decision to pursue this was delayed until June 2016 where we were the first, and remain the only, hotel to derive all of its heat and power from locally sourced wood chip. Any electricity that we don’t consume is then supplied to the national grid as carbon neutral electricity.

In 2018 we joined the Green Tourism Scheme and which has assisted us in further reducing our environmental footprint. We continue to monitor our systems and push to sustainably reduce our impact on the environment whilst attempting to educate and familiarise stakeholders with the benefits of a green orientated outlook.